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Notice: Kroger Sushi is not yet open for online ordering!

Please sign up to participate in our request for Kroger to open this service up.

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KrogerSushi.com is the future online ordering site for all sushi stands at participating Kroger locations. If you don’t want to aimlessly go to Kroger and “hope” it has your favorite sushi meal or “hope” the chef is there to make what you want, then you can order it online and have it when you’re ready to pick it up. “Hope” these days won’t fill your belly full of fresh, delicious sushi!

If you would like this online ordering service available soon, please sign up today. With enough participants, we can then pass this on to corporate managers and board of directors to make this site LIVE. As soon as it is live, you’ll be notified of participating locations to to order your favorite and inexpensive sushi dish from Kroger.

Your privacy is respected. We will not share/sell your email or personal info to a third party and we will not send you any other offers, promotions, ads, spam, requests, etc. You get the point.

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Customer Testimonials

This One Surprised Me

Not usually a fan of Krogers but this one surprised me when I went in there to shop since it was on my drive home. They have sushi made daily which for an avid fun of it was a great to find and it is also one of the cleaned and most organized Krogers I have ever found.

Stephanie M.
Saginaw, MI

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